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SEAL Team Deep Six

Episodul 1.10 din serialul Proven Innocent

Actori serial: Rachelle Lefevre (Madeline Scott), Russell Hornsby (Ezekiel "Easy" Boudreau), Vincent Kartheiser (Bodie Quick), Nikki M.James (Violet Bell), Riley Smith (Levi Scott), Clare O'Connor (Young Madeline Scott), Kelsey Grammer (Gore Bellows), Caitlin Mehner (Heather Husband), Candice Coke (Wren Grant), Catherine Lidstone (Isabel Sanchez)

Regia: Elodie Keene

Difuzare: 19.04.2019
Durata: 00:45:20
Link IMDB: SEAL Team Deep Six
Nota IMDB: 7,5

When a Navy SEAL is charged with murdering her superior, Madeline and the team are determined to prove her innocence. Levi presses harder for insight on Rosemary's life in high school, as Bellows takes a drastic step in re-examining her murder.