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Vengeance: Part 9

Episodul 3.9 din serialul Strike Back

Actori serial: Philip Winchester (Sgt. Michael Stonebridge), Sullivan Stapleton (Sgt. Damien Scott), Michelle Lukes (Sgt. Julia Richmond), Daniel MacPherson (Sgt. Samuel Wyatt), Warren Brown (Sgt. Thomas 'Mac' McAllister), Alin Sumarwata (LCpl. Gracie Novin), Robson Green (Lt. Col. Philip Locke), Rhashan Stone (Maj. Oliver Sinclair), Milauna Jackson (DEA SA Kim Martinez), Rhona Mitra (Maj. Rachel Dalton), Yasemin Kay Allen (Capt. Katrina Zarkova), Amanda Mealing (Col. Eleanor Grant), Liam Garrigan (Sgt. Liam Baxter), Jamie Bamber (Col. Alexander Coltrane), Charles Dance (Conrad Knox), Shane Taylor (Craig Hanson), Roxanne McKee (Capt. Natalie Reynolds), Zubin Varla (Leo Kamali), Vincent Regan (Karl Matlock), Alec Newman (Pavel Kuragin), Nina Sosanya (Col. Adeena Donovan), Jimi Mistry (Latif), Michelle Yeoh (Li-Na), Katherine Kelly (Jane Lowry), Varada Sethu (LCpl. Manisha Chetri), Alexandra Moen (Kerry Stonebridge), Richard Armitage (John Porter)

Regia: Bill Eagles

Difuzare: 06.10.2012
Durata: 00:46:43
Link IMDB: Vengeance: Part 9
Nota IMDB: 8,4

Stonebridge fears he can't control his obsession with the man who killed his wife. With a nuke en route for delivery, the team races to intervene with explosive consequences for an entire village. Christian Lucas, a local lawyer who arranged for the delivery, gets pressured to make amends by the terrorist gang who paid him to set up the deal. Section 20 races to save him and his family. Meanwhile, Stonebridge gets his chance to avenge the death of his wife, but can he pull the trigger? Damien still hopes on collaboration with CIA agent Christy, but he knows from experience he can never really trust her.