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Who's Grover Cleveland?

Episodul 1.8 din serialul The Brink

Actori serial: James Spader (Alan Shore), William Shatner (Denny Crane), Candice Bergen (Shirley Schmidt), René Auberjonois (Paul Lewiston), Mark Valley (Brad Chase), Julie Bowen (Denise Bauer)

Regia: Michael Lehmann

Difuzare: 09.08.2015
Durata: 00:26:23
Link IMDB: Who's Grover Cleveland?
Nota IMDB: 8,3

Walter attempts to defuse the tensions in The Situation Room and stop the President from starting World War 3. Alex and Rafiq have to figure out a new plan as Fareeda, her students and the rest of the embassy are being evacuated. Zeke has to make decisions on both the women in his life right before he and Glenn prepare for their latest mission.