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Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders


Actori: Gary Sinise (Jack Garrett), Alana De La Garza (Clara Seger), Daniel Henney (Matt Simmons), Tyler James Williams (Russ Montgomery), Annie Funke (Mae Jarvis)

Regizori: Laura Belsey (2), Rod Holcomb (2), Constantine Makris (2), Alec Smight (2), Jeannot Szwarc (2), Félix Enríquez Alcalá (1), Rob Bailey (1), Matt Earl Beesley (1), Colin Bucksey (1), Jeremiah S. Chechik (1), Leon Ichaso (1), Paul A. Kaufman (1), Nina Lopez-Corrado (1), Jennifer Lynch (1), Tawnia McKiernan (1), Gregory Prange (1), Mikael Salomon (1), Christoph Schrewe (1), Oz Scott (1), Larry Teng (1), Diana Valentine (1)

Desfășurare: 2016-2017
Sezoane: 2
Episoade: 26
Durata totală: 17:39:38
Starea: anulat
Genuri: acțiune, aventură, crimă
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Nota IMDB: 6,1

1.1. The Harmful One (difuzare: 16.03.2016, durata: 00:41:05, regia: Colin Bucksey)
The FBI's International Response Team go to Thailand where three American volunteers go missing during a trek to Bangkok.

1.2. Harvested (difuzare: 23.03.2016, durata: 00:40:41, regia: Rob Bailey)
When an American man wakes up missing a kidney and his friend gone while attending a festival in Mumbai, the investigation leads to the possibility that the UnSub is more than just trading organs on...

1.3. Denial (difuzare: 30.03.2016, durata: 00:42:23, regia: Rod Holcomb)
In Cairo, an Egyptian-American former U.S. serviceman is killed in a gas attack and his friend goes missing.

1.4. Whispering Death (difuzare: 06.04.2016, durata: 00:40:28, regia: Larry Teng)
The team heads to Japan where they assist local law enforcement to investigate a series of homicides made to look like suicides.

1.5. The Lonely Heart (difuzare: 06.04.2016, durata: 00:40:49, regia: Constantine Makris)
The International Response Team looks for an UnSub targeting Americans who live in Paris.

1.6. Love Interrupted (difuzare: 13.04.2016, durata: 00:39:52, regia: Paul A. Kaufman)
The team goes to Belize to find a missing couple who vanishes on their honeymoon in what seems to be a planned abduction.

1.7. Citizens of the World (difuzare: 20.04.2016, durata: 00:41:26, regia: Alec Smight)
A couple from Idaho are kidnapped while visiting Morocco on a cruise.

1.8. De Los Inocentes (difuzare: 27.04.2016, durata: 00:42:53, regia: Jeannot Szwarc)
When a woman vacationing in Mexico with her family is the victim of foul play, the International Response Team investigates her husband as the prime suspect when he flees.

1.9. The Matchmaker (difuzare: 04.05.2016, durata: 00:39:20, regia: Matt Earl Beesley)
When an American girl leaves home to meet her boyfriend in Turkey, the International Response Team suspects she's in trouble after being tricked by someone posing as her boyfriend.

1.10. Iqiniso (difuzare: 11.05.2016, durata: 00:41:16, regia: Laura Belsey)
When an American college student working in Johannesburg is killed and his brother goes missing, the International Response Team suspects a gang could be behind both. Jack works the case with...

1.11. The Ballad of Nick and Nat (difuzare: 11.05.2016, durata: 00:40:14, regia: Jeremiah S. Chechik)
When American victims are found in different locations throughout Cuba, the International Response Team heads to the island nation to search for possible spree killers.

1.12. El Toro Bravo (difuzare: 25.05.2016, durata: 00:41:21, regia: Tawnia McKiernan)
The IRT heads to Pamplona, Spain during the running of the bulls. The ears of a missing American tourist are found and the team speculates that the crime is politically motivated.

1.13. Paper Orphans (difuzare: 25.05.2016, durata: 00:42:20, regia: Félix Enríquez Alcalá)
The International Response Team rushes to Haiti when the young daughter of an American family visiting the island nation is kidnapped. Also, Jack and his wife, Karen, prepare to send their daughter...

2.1. Lost Souls (difuzare: 08.03.2017, durata: 00:40:24, regia: Alec Smight)
Unit Chief Jack Garrett and his International Response Team are called to Tanzania when a 23-member church group disappears.

2.2. II Mostro (difuzare: 15.03.2017, durata: 00:40:32, regia: Leon Ichaso)
When two casualties resemble the M.O. of the most notorious killer in Italian history, the International Response Team is called to investigate. Joe Mantegna and Paul Sorvino guest star.

2.3. The Devil's Breath (difuzare: 22.03.2017, durata: 00:40:06, regia: Oz Scott)
The International Response Team investigates the apparent suicide of an American in Colombia who emptied his bank account prior to his death.

2.4. Pretty Like Me (difuzare: 29.03.2017, durata: 00:41:12, regia: Gregory Prange)
The IRT head to South Korea after an American College student is found disfigured.

2.5. Made In... (difuzare: 05.04.2017, durata: 00:39:40, regia: Jeannot Szwarc)
Two American entrepreneurs disappear on a business trip in Bangladesh.

2.6. Cinderella and the Dragon (difuzare: 12.04.2017, durata: 00:39:34, regia: Diana Valentine)
Two American flight attendants disappear in Singapore.

2.7. La Huesuda (difuzare: 12.04.2017, durata: 00:39:43, regia: Rod Holcomb)
A night of partying in Tijuana ends tragically for an American 18-year-old.

2.8. Pankration (difuzare: 19.04.2017, durata: 00:39:43, regia: Laura Belsey)
A visitor to Greece is found beaten in Athens. Jack is worried about his son who is undercover in Mexico.

2.9. Blowback (difuzare: 26.04.2017, durata: 00:42:37, regia: Nina Lopez-Corrado)
The IRT is investigated by the FBI after a mission in Qalea, Kurjikistan results in the death of a suspect, and one of the members of the inquiry panel is intent on destroying down the IRT.

2.10. Type A (difuzare: 03.05.2017, durata: 00:39:48, regia: Christoph Schrewe)
The International Response Team is called to Taipei when it appears that an American committed a crime that's similar to an unsolved case in New York. Paget Brewster guest stars.

2.11. Obey (difuzare: 10.05.2017, durata: 00:39:03, regia: Constantine Makris)
When the body of an American singer is found on a rural road in the blue mountains of Jamaica, the International Response Team is called to investigate.

2.12. Abominable (difuzare: 17.05.2017, durata: 00:40:32, regia: Jennifer Lynch)
The International Response Team searches for the killer of a woman on a yoga retreat in Nepal, and Monty goes on his first international mission with the team.

2.13. The Ripper of Riga (difuzare: 17.05.2017, durata: 00:42:36, regia: Mikael Salomon)
The International Response Team travels to Russia when an American ballerina is kidnapped, and Jack tangles with an ex-KBG agent who escaped from prison.