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Truth Be Told


Actori: Octavia Spencer (Poppy Scoville-Parnell), Lizzy Caplan (Josie Buhrman), Michael Beach (Ingram Rhoades), Mekhi Phifer (Markus Knox), Tracie Thoms (Desiree Scoville), Haneefah Wood (Cydie Scoville), Ron Cephas Jones (Leander "Shreve" Scoville), Elizabeth Perkins (Melanie Cave), Aaron Paul (Warren Cave)

Regizori: Mikkel Nørgaard (3), Sarah Pia Anderson (2), Tucker Gates (1), Loni Peristere (1), Rosemary Rodriguez (1)

Desfășurare: 2019-2020
Sezoane: 1
Episoade: 8
Durata totală: 05:54:02
Starea: derulare
Genuri: crimă, dramă, thriller
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Nota IMDB: 7,4

1.1. Monster (difuzare: 06.12.2019, durata: 00:45:39, regia: Mikkel Nørgaard)
Nearly 20 years after 16-year-old Warren Cave is sentenced to life in prison for murdering a Stanford professor in his Menlo Park home, journalist Poppy Parnell decides to revisit the case that made...

1.2. Black People in the Neighborhood (difuzare: 06.12.2019, durata: 00:42:46, regia: Rosemary Rodriguez)
Markus drops a bombshell about a potential suspect's motive. Warren gets a visitor.

1.3. Even Salt Looks Like Sugar (difuzare: 06.12.2019, durata: 00:39:49, regia: Sarah Pia Anderson)
Identifying a new suspect has unintended consequences in Poppy's personal life.

1.4. No Cross, No Crown (difuzare: 13.12.2019, durata: 00:45:03, regia: Mikkel Nørgaard)
Poppy and Markus trace their prime suspect's movements on the night of the murder.

1.5. Graveyard Love (difuzare: 20.12.2019, durata: 00:43:17, regia: Tucker Gates)
Poppy continues building her new case, while Warren faces repercussions for his actions.

1.6. Not Buried, Planted (difuzare: 27.12.2019, durata: 00:50:03, regia: Sarah Pia Anderson)
A devastated Poppy tries to walk away from the case, but it won't let her go.

1.7. Live Thru This (difuzare: 03.01.2020, durata: 00:45:20, regia: Loni Peristere)
Poppy zeroes in on her new suspect, and Warren makes a fateful decision.

1.8. All That Was Lost (difuzare: 10.01.2020, durata: 00:42:05, regia: Mikkel Nørgaard)
Poppy enlists an unlikely Ally in her hunt. The events of Halloween 1999 are revealed.