Acasă Filme Seriale Actori Regizori

Chicago PD


Actori: Jason Beghe (Detective Sergeant Henry "Hank" Voight), Jesse Lee Soffer (Detective Jay Halstead), Patrick John Flueger (Officer Adam Ruzek), Marina Squerciati (Officer Kim Burgess), LaRoyce Hawkins (Officer Kevin Atwater), Amy Morton (Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt), Jon Seda (Senior Detective Antonio Dawson), Elias Koteas (Detective Alvin Olinsky), Sophia Bush (Detective Erin Lindsay), Tracy Spiridakos (Detective Hailey Upton), Brian Geraghty (Officer Sean Roman), Samuel Caleb Hunt (Craig "Mouse" Gerwitz), Lisseth Chavez (Officer Vanessa Rojas), Chris Agos (Assistant State's Attorney Steve Kot), Stella Maeve (Nadia Decotis), Nadia Decotis (Barbara "Bunny" Fletcher), Nick Gehlfuss (Dr. Will Halstead), Barbara Eve Harris (Commander Emma Crowley), Archie Kao (Detective Sheldon Jin), Kevin J. O'Connor (Commander Fischer), David Eigenberg (Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann), Mykelti Williamson (Lieutenant Denny Woods)

Regizori: Mark Tinker (21), Eriq La Salle (18), Nick Gomez (15), Fred Berner (7), Sanford Bookstaver (6), Rohn Schmidt (6), Carl Seaton (6), Paul McCrane (5), Terry Miller (5), David Rodriguez (5), Nicole Rubio (5), John Hyams (4), Holly Dale (3), Vincent Misiano (3), Lin Oeding (3), Mykelti Williamson (3), Charlotte Brändström (2), Jean de Segonzac (2), Arthur W. Forney (2), Karen Gaviola (2), Lily Mariye (2), Alik Sakharov (2), Michael Slovis (2), Reza Tabrizi (2), Jann Turner (2), John Whitesell (2), Charles S. Carroll (1), Joe Chappelle (1), Alex Chapple (1), Lisa Demaine (1), Michael Grossman (1), Olivia Newman (1), Cherie Nowlan (1), Donald Petrie (1), Chad Saxton (1), Steve Shill (1), Christine Swanson (1), Mario Van Peebles (1), Valerie Weiss (1)

Desfășurare: 2014-2020
Sezoane: 7
Episoade: 148
Durata totală: 103:20:16
Starea: derulare
Genuri: acțiune, crimă, dramă
Link IMDB: Chicago PD
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Nota IMDB: 8,1

1.1. Stepping Stone (difuzare: 08.01.2014, durata: 00:42:59, regia: Michael Slovis)
In the series premiere, after a slew of brutal slayings, District 21 led by Sergeant Hank Voight go after a Colombian drug cartel cleaning house in Chicago. They discover D'Anthony who proves to be an...

1.2. Wrong Side of the Bars (difuzare: 15.01.2014, durata: 00:42:59, regia: Joe Chappelle)
Antonio's son was kidnapped and he has a feeling the Colombian drug gang is to blame. Pulpo, the Colombian gang leader, is being held in jail and suggests his release may trigger the release of Diego....

1.3. Chin Check (difuzare: 22.01.2014, durata: 00:42:47, regia: Sanford Bookstaver)
Voight and team head to a house that's been associated with a number of top gangs. Events at the search result in Ruzek, being encouraged to seek some counseling which may have lasting repercussions...

1.4. Now Is Always Temporary (difuzare: 29.01.2014, durata: 00:42:51, regia: Mark Tinker)
More is learned about Halstead's dislike of the Rodiger family and it's family relationships all around as Olinsky shows a paternal side with his daughter Lexi in an attempt to protect her and as...

1.5. Thirty Balloons (difuzare: 05.02.2014, durata: 00:42:48, regia: Karen Gaviola)
Atwater and Burgess are given a new patrol car, but are challenged with keeping it brand new. A run in with a psychotic woman leads the Intelligence Unit to discover a drug smuggling operation which...

1.6. Conventions (difuzare: 26.02.2014, durata: 00:42:20, regia: Alik Sakharov)
Voight and Antonio enlist the help of agents at the Special Victims Unit in New York, Fin and Rollins, to help track down the culprit of a series of rape/murders. Burgess has an opportunity to prove...

1.7. The Price We Pay (difuzare: 05.03.2014, durata: 00:42:34, regia: Mark Tinker)
The Fitori murder case is brought to the intelligence unit and Voight's son, Justin, may be involved. Gradishar fills Antonio in on the arrangement between Internal Affairs and Voight which increases...

1.8. Different Mistakes (difuzare: 12.03.2014, durata: 00:42:03, regia: Fred Berner)
Voight's new internal affairs officer is skeptical of his actions. Voight must now work with his ex-partner from the gang unit.

1.9. A Material Witness (difuzare: 19.03.2014, durata: 00:42:30, regia: Sanford Bookstaver)
In responding to a call Atwater and Burgess discover a gunshot victim and the only witness is Lexi Olinsky. The shooting is tied to a Latin gang. To protect Olinsky's daughter, Voight takes the case...

1.10. At Least It's Justice (difuzare: 02.04.2014, durata: 00:42:50, regia: Michael Slovis)
Voight pulls Halstead's badge when Lonnie Rodiger is found dead. After a car accident, Kelly Severide and Peter Mills discover the torso of Dr. Elliot, who has been instrumental in putting away high...

1.11. Turn the Light Off (difuzare: 09.04.2014, durata: 00:43:01, regia: Nick Gomez)
Voight and the team discover a massacre, eight million in cash stolen and two wounded men in a clearing house. During questioning, one guy, Perko, provides some intel that is key to the case and leads...

1.12. 8:30 PM (difuzare: 30.04.2014, durata: 00:42:57, regia: Mark Tinker)
The Intelligence Unit race against the clock to find the bombers.

1.13. My Way (difuzare: 07.05.2014, durata: 00:42:33, regia: Karen Gaviola)
Commander Perry notifies the Intelligence unit that Pulpo has been released to help track down a dangerous cartel leader. This doesn't sit well with our team as he kidnapped one of their own and no...

1.14. The Docks (difuzare: 14.05.2014, durata: 00:43:01, regia: Nick Gomez)
As Antonio's life is now in question, Voight and Platt open up about their pasts. Jin is caught while tinkering with Voight's computer and uses the only scapegoat possible to keep him in the clear. At...

1.15. A Beautiful Friendship (difuzare: 21.05.2014, durata: 00:42:09, regia: Mark Tinker)
Atwater is settling into his new gig on intelligence as Antonio is relegated to desk duty while recovering. Lindsay finally realizes she has no way out and confides in Voight for help. Meanwhile Jin...

2.1. Call It Macaroni (difuzare: 24.09.2014, durata: 00:42:56, regia: Mark Tinker)
Sergeant Voight tries to find out who is behind the murder of Jin, and come up with the unbelievable discovery and learned that Sergeant Edwin Stillwell playing a double game with the intention of...

2.2. Get My Cigarettes (difuzare: 01.10.2014, durata: 00:41:59, regia: Arthur W. Forney)
Intelligence begins to look into a string of murders where the victims have a dollar bill pinned to their chests. Thanks to some digging by Ruzek, Voight learns his friend was involved in some shady...

2.3. The Weigh Station (difuzare: 08.10.2014, durata: 00:42:09, regia: Nick Gomez)
The bounty on Halstead's head becomes a serious reality as an innocent bartender takes a bullet meant for him. Olinsky tries to reason with Bembenek to call off the hit, to no avail. Voight and the...

2.4. Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw (difuzare: 15.10.2014, durata: 00:41:48, regia: Reza Tabrizi)
Two teenage girls have gone missing and the team know the clock is ticking to find them. Halstead, Antonio and Lindsay investigate a tenement which gives them a much needed lead. Voight brings the...

2.5. An Honest Woman (difuzare: 22.10.2014, durata: 00:42:29, regia: Mark Tinker)
Voight is attacked and abducted while trying to help his son's girlfriend.

2.6. Prison Ball (difuzare: 05.11.2014, durata: 00:42:33, regia: Sanford Bookstaver)
The murder of a 10 year old witness sends Atwater and Ruzek undercover as inmates in a federal prison.

2.7. They'll Have to Go Through Me (difuzare: 12.11.2014, durata: 00:42:22, regia: Sanford Bookstaver)
The Chicago Intelligence Unit continues working with Special Victims Unit to take down a child pornography ring.

2.8. Assignment of the Year (difuzare: 19.11.2014, durata: 00:41:59, regia: Nick Gomez)
Antonio gets caught off guard in fellow police officer Romine's security company; and word from above is he will lose his job if the case isn't solved in 2 days. The unit comes together to try to...

2.9. Called in Dead (difuzare: 10.12.2014, durata: 00:42:48, regia: Alik Sakharov)
A huge drug bust puts Olinsky's family in danger. Meanwhile, the team digs up a common thread with the drug suspects, and Burgess and Roman are paired with a K-9 officer, who is Roman's former...

2.10. Shouldn't Have Been Alone (difuzare: 07.01.2015, durata: 00:42:49, regia: Fred Berner)
With Burgess (Marina Squerciati) in the hospital after suffering gunshot wounds, the intelligence team is determined to find the people responsible. Lindsay (Sophia Bush) delays her start so she can...

2.11. We Don't Work Together Anymore (difuzare: 14.01.2015, durata: 00:41:15, regia: Mario Van Peebles)
Lindsay calls on Voight and his unit for help with her first case on the federal task force; Burgess is relegated to desk duty.

2.12. Disco Bob (difuzare: 21.01.2015, durata: 00:42:55, regia: Holly Dale)
Complicated clues surround the murder of a mother and her daughter. While, Lindsay prepares for an undercover investigation in Bolivia, and it dawns on Burgess and Roman that they need to put the past...

2.13. A Little Devil Complex (difuzare: 04.02.2015, durata: 00:41:56, regia: Steve Shill)
Antonio and his sister talk to Adrian Gish about the person they think is responsible for the fire that killed Shay; Lindsay has second thoughts about the task force; Platt's new, sunny demeanor...

2.14. Erin's Mom (difuzare: 11.02.2015, durata: 00:41:26, regia: Mark Tinker)
Bunny comes to Lindsay concerned about a suspicious repeat customer at her husband's rental company. This lead brings Intelligence into a case which robbery-homicide has been working for months....

2.15. What Do You Do (difuzare: 18.02.2015, durata: 00:41:41, regia: Nick Gomez)
After they are kidnapped while tackling a dangerous smuggling operation, Roman and Burgess pursue a man without calling for backup. Intelligence are spending the day receiving taser certification.

2.16. What Puts You on That Ledge (difuzare: 25.02.2015, durata: 00:42:44, regia: Fred Berner)
Antonio heads undercover with a dangerous robbery crew after a narcotics officer goes missing. Commander Fischer updates Voight on a missing officer that Narcotics had deep undercover with a robbery...

2.17. Say Her Real Name (difuzare: 25.03.2015, durata: 00:41:43, regia: Nick Gomez)
The death of a protester at a world trade event seems to point to an Argentine official. Halstead's brother arrives in town and is soon stirring up trouble.

2.18. Get Back to Even (difuzare: 01.04.2015, durata: 00:42:20, regia: Jann Turner)
The investigation into a drug robbery gone wrong uncovers Voight's link to a missing teen; the real reason for Halstead's brother's visit becomes clear; and Platt cares for a young girl at district.

2.19. The Three Gs (difuzare: 08.04.2015, durata: 00:42:49, regia: Sanford Bookstaver)
A case involving one of Chicago's most wanted fugitives hits close to home with Olinsky; an altercation with another officer lands Sean Roman in hot water; Platt helps Nadia prepare for her polygraph...

2.20. The Number of Rats (difuzare: 29.04.2015, durata: 00:42:50, regia: Nick Gomez)
Benson is in Chicago helping Intelligence with a rape/murder case similar to a case in New York from a decade ago, so she calls in Fin and Amaro for assistance.

2.21. There's My Girl (difuzare: 06.05.2015, durata: 00:41:30, regia: Mark Tinker)
As District 21 is struggling to come to terms with the loss of one of the team they are forced to put their personal feelings aside when a café is bombed. The unit has several suspects and only one...

2.22. Push the Pain Away (difuzare: 13.05.2015, durata: 00:43:00, regia: Sanford Bookstaver)
When multiple people are shot inside an athletic club intelligence work to find and take down the shooters before there are any more victims. When they discover that all the targets were from the same...

2.23. Born Into Bad News (difuzare: 20.05.2015, durata: 00:42:44, regia: Mark Tinker)
Voight comes up against a younger, more violent version of himself while trying to extract Commander Perry's nephew from a unit of corrupt officers.

3.1. Life Is Fluid (difuzare: 30.09.2015, durata: 00:42:56, regia: Arthur W. Forney)
Intelligence pursues a heroin kingpin who has a member of the team kidnapped.

3.2. Natural Born Storyteller (difuzare: 07.10.2015, durata: 00:41:13, regia: Mark Tinker)
Burgess and Roman find the body of an eight-year-old boy while pursuing a gang-banger.

3.3. Actual Physical Violence (difuzare: 14.10.2015, durata: 00:42:12, regia: Fred Berner)
A disgruntled father takes a member of Intelligence hostage in order to force the police to track down his missing daughter.

3.4. Debts of the Past (difuzare: 21.10.2015, durata: 00:41:04, regia: Rohn Schmidt)
Voight and Olinsky hunt down a criminal they once put away.

3.5. Climbing Into Bed (difuzare: 28.10.2015, durata: 00:42:28, regia: Mark Tinker)
When an undercover job goes south, Ruzek is investigated by a street deputy who will determine his future with the unit.

3.6. You Never Know Who's Who (difuzare: 28.10.2015, durata: 00:42:56, regia: Lin Oeding)
"You Never Know Who's Who" The discovery of a body leads to a cache of weapons, which then leads Intelligence on a strange investigation into a team of "operatives" that are targeting criminals within...

3.7. A Dead Kid, a Notebook, and a Lot of Maybes (difuzare: 04.11.2015, durata: 00:42:55, regia: Charlotte Brändström)
Intelligence tries to find a missing teenage boy they believe could be a threat to the students at his wealthy school when they find disturbing drawings in his notebook.

3.8. Forget My Name (difuzare: 11.11.2015, durata: 00:42:50, regia: Nick Gomez)
The team discovers the mutilated body of a government official and learn that he had access to very important devices.

3.9. Never Forget I Love You (difuzare: 18.11.2015, durata: 00:42:57, regia: Terry Miller)
When a woman's decapitated body found in Lake Michigan is connected to Voight's social group, Lindsay worries that his relationship with the group could affect his ability to see the case objectively.

3.10. Now I'm God (difuzare: 06.01.2016, durata: 00:42:44, regia: Holly Dale)
A doctor from Voight's past is under investigation when four of his patients are sent to Chicago Med for an overdose of chemotherapy.

3.11. Knocked the Family Right Out (difuzare: 13.01.2016, durata: 00:41:11, regia: Mark Tinker)
The team investigates the robbery of a luxury condo and Voight suspects that the family was knocked out by a powerful gas.

3.12. Looking Out for Stateville (difuzare: 20.01.2016, durata: 00:42:04, regia: Fred Berner)
Voight enlists his former cell mate to help take down a major cocaine supplier, while Burgess makes a move regarding her relationship with Ruzek and Roman comes up with a plan to fund Platt and...

3.13. Hit Me (difuzare: 03.02.2016, durata: 00:42:18, regia: Rohn Schmidt)
Lindsay goes undercover to find a rogue police officer who targets women at a local casino.

3.14. The Song of Gregory Williams Yates (difuzare: 10.02.2016, durata: 00:42:12, regia: Michael Grossman)
SVU detectives Olivia Benson and Odafin Tutuola come to Chicago to help find escaped killer Greg Yates.

3.15. A Night Owl (difuzare: 17.02.2016, durata: 00:42:49, regia: Nick Gomez)
A college professor is caught smuggling heroin to Canada.

3.16. The Cases That Need to Be Solved (difuzare: 24.02.2016, durata: 00:42:46, regia: Jean de Segonzac)
The police investigate a boy's execution-style murder, which may be connected to another shooting. The incident also leads officers and members of the community to gather for a candlelight vigil.

3.17. Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb (difuzare: 02.03.2016, durata: 00:41:31, regia: Jann Turner)
Halstead and his co-workers get caught up in a violent shootout with bank robbers while on his off-duty job at the dispensary.

3.18. Kasual with a K (difuzare: 23.03.2016, durata: 00:42:01, regia: David Rodriguez)
The team investigates a kidnapping at a secret shelter for battered women.

3.19. If We Were Normal (difuzare: 30.03.2016, durata: 00:42:37, regia: Mark Tinker)
The team looks for a suspect who held a woman for months, physically abusing her and psychologically attempting to manipulate her into forgetting her identity.

3.20. In a Duffel Bag (difuzare: 04.05.2016, durata: 00:40:29, regia: Nick Gomez)
Intelligence searches for the culprit who left a newborn baby in a duffel bag.

3.21. Justice (difuzare: 11.05.2016, durata: 00:42:57, regia: Jean de Segonzac)
Burgess goes to court for shooting a 17-year-old honor student she suspects shot Roman.

3.22. She's Got Us (difuzare: 18.05.2016, durata: 00:42:52, regia: Lin Oeding)
The team investigates a pyramid scheme operation that may be linked to a brutal murder at a family residence.

3.23. Start Digging (difuzare: 25.05.2016, durata: 00:42:29, regia: Mark Tinker)
A murder investigation becomes personal for Voight when his son Justin is attacked in the same manner as a widowed, single mother whose body is found in the trunk of her car.

4.1. The Silos (difuzare: 21.09.2016, durata: 00:41:38, regia: Mark Tinker)
Intelligence investigates a murder-arson case as Voight and Lindsay continue to deal with the aftermath of Justin's death.

4.2. Made a Wrong Turn (difuzare: 28.09.2016, durata: 00:41:26, regia: Fred Berner)
Intelligence searches for the fiance of a man found badly beaten in the most dangerous neighborhood of District 21.

4.3. All Cylinders Firing (difuzare: 05.10.2016, durata: 00:41:54, regia: Nick Gomez)
Platt and her father are brutally assaulted.

4.4. Big Friends, Big Enemies (difuzare: 12.10.2016, durata: 00:40:46, regia: Rohn Schmidt)
Intelligence investigates a shooting outside a concert that leads to a tangled web of gang-related violence.

4.5. A War Zone (difuzare: 26.10.2016, durata: 00:42:13, regia: Eriq La Salle)
Intelligence tracks down the people who have been dealing a drug that's been linked to several overdoses throughout Chicago.

4.6. Some Friend (difuzare: 09.11.2016, durata: 00:42:24, regia: Mark Tinker)
A teenage girl is found dead in the home of a baseball player who's a friend of Olinsky's.

4.7. 300,000 Likes (difuzare: 16.11.2016, durata: 00:42:01, regia: Charlotte Brändström)
The only witness in the case against a suspected serial rapist is found murdered.

4.8. A Shot Heard Round the World (difuzare: 16.11.2016, durata: 00:42:02, regia: Terry Miller)
A highly trained killer declares war on the Chicago police department.

4.9. Don't Bury This Case (difuzare: 03.01.2017, durata: 00:42:15, regia: Cherie Nowlan)
Kelly Severide of Firehouse 51 is brought to the District for questioning when his car is found to have caused a deadly crash, so the team tracks down a group of carjackers that may prove Severide's...

4.10. Don't Read the News (difuzare: 04.01.2017, durata: 00:42:12, regia: Nick Gomez)
When the body of a young woman is found, the Chicago police realize there's a serial killer at large after comparing her case with others.

4.11. You Wish (difuzare: 11.01.2017, durata: 00:41:28, regia: Mark Tinker)
When a mutilated sex offender is found dead, it is unclear if he was the victim of a hate crime, sexual assault or self-mutilation. As Intelligence questions those related to the case, they find...

4.12. Sanctuary (difuzare: 18.01.2017, durata: 00:40:47, regia: John Hyams)
The investigation of a jogger's murder in the park is blocked by a church offering sanctuary to the prime suspects.

4.13. I Remember Her Now (difuzare: 08.02.2017, durata: 00:40:47, regia: David Rodriguez)
The body of a 15-year-old girl is found crushed in an abandoned building after she runs away from a treatment center for troubled girls. Voight sends Halstead undercover as a guard to work from the...

4.14. Seven Indictments (difuzare: 15.02.2017, durata: 00:40:46, regia: Mark Tinker)
When a burnt body is found in a torched house along with an injured boy, Intelligence works to find the cause.

4.15. Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will (difuzare: 22.02.2017, durata: 00:42:18, regia: Holly Dale)
Intelligence re-opens a case when a grieving father seeks to avenge his daughter's murder.

4.16. Emotional Proximity (difuzare: 01.03.2017, durata: 00:42:04, regia: Reza Tabrizi)
Intelligence works to find the arsonist behind a warehouse fire that left Olinsky's daughter fighting for her life.

4.17. Remember the Devil (difuzare: 22.03.2017, durata: 00:41:54, regia: Rohn Schmidt)
A hiker leads intelligence to a woman being held hostage in the woods outside Chicago.

4.18. Little Bit of Light (difuzare: 29.03.2017, durata: 00:42:21, regia: Lin Oeding)
Intelligence investigates one of Chicago's wealthiest families when "Night Crawler" Bobby Trent is murdered.

4.19. Last Minute Resistance (difuzare: 05.04.2017, durata: 00:42:21, regia: John Hyams)
Burgess's sister becomes a sexual assault victim after she's encouraged to spend a night out with friends.

4.20. Grasping for Salvation (difuzare: 26.04.2017, durata: 00:41:49, regia: David Rodriguez)
Voight uncovers a connection between the murder of a teenage boy and a 17-year-old case.

4.21. Fagin (difuzare: 03.05.2017, durata: 00:41:46, regia: Fred Berner)
Intelligence uncovers a surprising crew of suspects in a series of bank robberies.

4.22. Army of One (difuzare: 10.05.2017, durata: 00:41:55, regia: John Whitesell)
Intelligence tracks down a group of vigilantes torturing and killing pedophiles.

4.23. Fork in the Road (difuzare: 17.05.2017, durata: 00:41:48, regia: Mark Tinker)
Lindsay deals with the consequences of her actions when her mother is suspected of murder.

5.1. Reform (difuzare: 27.09.2017, durata: 00:41:43, regia: Eriq La Salle)
Intelligence attempts to bust a gun deal that results in innocent bystanders getting shot.

5.2. The Thing About Heroes (difuzare: 04.10.2017, durata: 00:41:21, regia: Rohn Schmidt)
A Muslim patrol officer is suspected of causing a van to explode during a Chicago street festival when he goes missing and evidence points to his being involved.

5.3. Promise (difuzare: 11.10.2017, durata: 00:41:51, regia: John Whitesell)
A young Latina woman is brutally murdered and it's suspected she have been working as a drug mule until a different motive for her death is discovered.

5.4. Snitch (difuzare: 18.10.2017, durata: 00:42:16, regia: Terry Miller)
While investigating a drug-related homicide, Intelligence is stonewalled by the 'no-snitch' culture of the neighborhood. And Atwater discovers a personal connection to the case. Meanwhile, the...

5.5. Home (difuzare: 25.10.2017, durata: 00:42:04, regia: Eriq La Salle)
When Intelligence busts a meth lab run by gang leader Marshall Carter, they uncover a re-homing scam in which children adopted from foreign countries are abandoned, then sold online. Meanwhile,...

5.6. Fallen (difuzare: 08.11.2017, durata: 00:41:33, regia: Nick Gomez)
A picture perfect family is shot dead in their home and the team goes in search of a drug dealer with a likely connection. Voight asks for the help of Vice Sergeant Sean McGrady who has an old beef...

5.7. Care Under Fire (difuzare: 15.11.2017, durata: 00:42:16, regia: Lily Mariye)
In the wake of several gang-related child abductions, Intelligence must race against time to find a kidnapped boy. Owing to their swiftness and military precision, the team scours the VA records and...

5.8. Politics (difuzare: 29.11.2017, durata: 00:41:30, regia: Mark Tinker)
A Congressman who's friends with Voight is found with a dead Ukrainian girl.

5.9. Monster (difuzare: 06.12.2017, durata: 00:42:14, regia: Valerie Weiss)
The death of Judge Tommy Wells' daughter puts Intelligence on the track of a pill mill spreading into the suburbs of Chicago and the doctor enabling it. Meanwhile, Voight discovers who's been leaking...

5.10. Rabbit Hole (difuzare: 03.01.2018, durata: 00:42:02, regia: Carl Seaton)
Halstead's partying with Camila unintentionally puts him in the middle of a drug-related homicide. He's forced to choose between loyalty to his unit and his girl. Meanwhile, Voight finally discovers...

5.11. Confidential (difuzare: 10.01.2018, durata: 00:41:32, regia: Mark Tinker)
While trying to find the pimp, Intelligence stumbles on the women's shelter where he's scouting out girls. And Burgess moves the case forward with a series of confidential tips, but risks putting her...

5.12. Captive (difuzare: 17.01.2018, durata: 00:42:06, regia: Eriq La Salle)
Atwater disappears at the house of a convicted felon and Intelligence tries to rescue him.

5.13. Chasing Monsters (difuzare: 31.01.2018, durata: 00:41:56, regia: Terry Miller)
Intelligence works with a visiting detective to take down a gang from El Salvador that has infiltrated Chicago.

5.14. Anthem (difuzare: 07.02.2018, durata: 00:41:38, regia: John Hyams)
Intelligence investigates the murder of a basketball player following an anti-police rally and the case gets complicated when Woods' daughter gets involved.

5.15. Sisterhood (difuzare: 28.02.2018, durata: 00:41:56, regia: Rohn Schmidt)
Intelligence tracks down a vigilante killing rapists and Burgess questions whether the men who attacked her sister have really been punished.

5.16. Profiles (difuzare: 07.03.2018, durata: 00:41:44, regia: Eriq La Salle)
Intelligence enlists Firehouse 51 to help prevent the latest in a series of bombings targeting the media.

5.17. Breaking Point (difuzare: 14.03.2018, durata: 00:41:20, regia: Terry Miller)
A prominent Alderman known for his urban revitalization efforts is murdered; Olinsky receives an ultimatum from Woods.

5.18. Ghosts (difuzare: 21.03.2018, durata: 00:42:12, regia: Nick Gomez)
Upton resumes an undercover identity to take down a meth ring run by a former criminal contact; Voight calls in a favor for Olinsky when pressure from Woods mounts.

5.19. Payback (difuzare: 11.04.2018, durata: 00:43:07, regia: Nicole Rubio)
A string of stash house robberies lead back to an unlikely individual; Voight confronts a key witness in the Bingham investigation.

5.20. Saved (difuzare: 18.04.2018, durata: 00:41:12, regia: Paul McCrane)
When Voight witnesses the kidnapping of a woman who's somehow connected to his past, Intelligence searches for a connection between the kidnapping and bank robberies.

5.21. Allegiance (difuzare: 02.05.2018, durata: 00:42:33, regia: Carl Seaton)
Halstead and Atwater go undercover to prevent military-grade weapons from hitting the street. Meanwhile, Voight calls in a favor as a last-ditch effort to clear Olinsky's name for Bingham's murder.

5.22. Homecoming (difuzare: 09.05.2018, durata: 00:42:21, regia: Eriq La Salle)
Intelligence seeks justice for Olinsky when he's stabbed in prison; Antonio's loyalty is tested; Woods looks to take down Voight once and for all.

6.1. New Normal (difuzare: 26.09.2018, durata: 00:40:36, regia: Eriq La Salle)
With Voight suspended, Antonio takes charge of Intelligence to deal with overdoses of bad heroin, but Ruzek undermines his authority.

6.2. Endings (difuzare: 03.10.2018, durata: 00:41:13, regia: David Rodriguez)
Intelligence hunts down the man responsible for the high-rise fire and the case gets personal for Halstead.

6.3. Bad Boys (difuzare: 10.10.2018, durata: 00:41:08, regia: Nick Gomez)
The team tries to rescue a teenage girl kidnapped by robbers; Voight and Platt attempt to clear Olinsky.

6.4. Ride Along (difuzare: 17.10.2018, durata: 00:40:55, regia: Nicole Rubio)
Burgess must choose between listening to Voight or potential new ally when a ride along goes sideways.

6.5. Fathers and Sons (difuzare: 24.10.2018, durata: 00:41:08, regia: Eriq La Salle)
While undercover, Ruzek discovers his father is working for a suspected drug dealer and is forced to question if his dad is involved.

6.6. True or False (difuzare: 31.10.2018, durata: 00:41:11, regia: Paul McCrane)
When an alderman's wife is beaten to death, Brennan pressures Voight to close the case; Upton shares a dark time from her past to get a confession.

6.7. Trigger (difuzare: 07.11.2018, durata: 00:40:46, regia: Carl Seaton)
Voight tells Halstead to remain impartial when the leader of a local mosque becomes a suspect in the bombing of an Army recruitment center.

6.8. Black and Blue (difuzare: 14.11.2018, durata: 00:41:13, regia: Christine Swanson)
While CPD tries to take down a drug kingpin, Atwater faces a tough choice.

6.9. Descent (difuzare: 05.12.2018, durata: 00:39:44, regia: Nicole Rubio)
Antonio crosses a line that puts the entire team at risk.

6.10. Brotherhood (difuzare: 09.01.2019, durata: 00:42:00, regia: Mykelti Williamson)
Voight and Ruzek lock horns over how to handle the aftermath of the Antonio situation. Meanwhile, a series of violent carjackings turns deadly, and Ruzek must rely on a C.I. he grew up with to help...

6.11. Trust (difuzare: 16.01.2019, durata: 00:41:12, regia: Lily Mariye)
An investigation into the death of a well known district attorney puts the Intelligence Division at odds with a mayoral candidate. Antonio returns to work but doesn't trust his own judgment when an...

6.12. Outrage (difuzare: 23.01.2019, durata: 00:41:12, regia: Vincent Misiano)
While chasing a heroin supplier, CPD crosses paths with a convicted criminal recently released on a technicality. Halstead's history with the man threatens the team's ability to put him back in...

6.13. Night in Chicago (difuzare: 06.02.2019, durata: 00:41:09, regia: Eriq La Salle)
Atwater goes undercover to bring down the longtime head of a criminal enterprise and becomes entangled in a situation that tests his allegiances as well as his conscience.

6.14. Ties That Bind (difuzare: 13.02.2019, durata: 00:41:12, regia: Paul McCrane)
Upton and Burgess find themselves in a difficult situation when Intelligence tracks a cache of cop killer machine guns to a local gun show in Wisconsin.

6.15. Good Men (difuzare: 20.02.2019, durata: 00:41:58, regia: Donald Petrie)
Using information from Cruz, Intelligence chases down the robbery crew that's been using the lockbox key. Voight is under pressure to bring the crew to justice without tarnishing the reputation of a...

6.16. The Forgotten (difuzare: 27.02.2019, durata: 00:40:43, regia: Eriq La Salle)
Voight and the Intelligence Unit focus all their effort and resources into investigating the disappearance of an exotic dancer who served as a long-time criminal informant for their team.

6.17. Pain Killer (difuzare: 27.03.2019, durata: 00:41:10, regia: Nicole Rubio)
A mayoral candidate is shot by an unidentified sniper, and CPD races to catch the shooter before he can take out his next target.

6.18. This City (difuzare: 03.04.2019, durata: 00:40:11, regia: Carl Seaton)
With the threat of a gang war looming, Voight and Ray Price must organize a peace summit to end the bloodshed before more innocent people get hurt. Burgess evaluates her future with Blair.

6.19. What Could Have Been (difuzare: 26.04.2019, durata: 00:42:05, regia: Eriq La Salle)
Intelligence's investigation into the murder of Burgess' boyfriend threatens to reveal a dark side she was unaware of. The real motivation for his murder uncovers a much more unsettling truth.

6.20. Sacrifice (difuzare: 08.05.2019, durata: 00:41:12, regia: John Hyams)
A violent crew is hitting pharmaceutical delivery trucks and stealing drugs, but their motivation is more complicated than just money. The case tests Upton and Ruzek's relationship.

6.21. Confession (difuzare: 15.05.2019, durata: 00:41:01, regia: Carl Seaton)
Antonio struggles with his guilty conscience as he tries to take down a major drug dealer. In order to protect his team, Voight takes a big shot at Kelton.

6.22. Reckoning (difuzare: 22.05.2019, durata: 00:41:10, regia: Eriq La Salle)
With Kelton's election all but assured, Voight and his team must go off-book in a last-ditch effort to save Intelligence from getting axed.

7.1. Doubt (difuzare: 25.09.2019, durata: 00:41:04, regia: Eriq La Salle)
When Kelton is found murdered, Voight's grudge against the mayor-elect puts him under suspicion; Upton and Halstead want to prove their sergeant's innocence, but the more evidence they gather, the...

7.2. Assets (difuzare: 02.10.2019, durata: 00:40:58, regia: Carl Seaton)
When Atwater goes undercover in a drug syndicate, he learns there may be more to its kingpin than meets the eye; Halstead tries to join Atwater undercover, but finds himself at a disadvantage.

7.3. Familia (difuzare: 09.10.2019, durata: 00:41:08, regia: Eriq La Salle)
After a botched carjacking turns out to be something much bigger, Voight's unit goes toe-to-toe with a smart drug kingpin who only works with women. New recruit Vanessa Rojas struggles with the...

7.4. Infection, Part III (difuzare: 16.10.2019, durata: 00:41:48, regia: Eriq La Salle)
After zeroing in on a suspect responsible for bioterrorism, the P.D. prepares to undertake their biggest manhunt yet. Upton is torn between helping track down the perp and providing emotional support...

7.5. Brother's Keeper (difuzare: 23.10.2019, durata: 00:41:02, regia: Vincent Misiano)
A murder in a Bulgarian neighborhood results in a challenging investigation when locals won't talk to police. Ruzek has a clash with a patrol officer.

7.6. False Positive (difuzare: 30.10.2019, durata: 00:41:53, regia: David Rodriguez)
The shocking murder of young boys affects Halstead. Crawford encourages Intelligence to use a new facial recognition software to help identify a suspect, but the plan backfires.

7.7. Informant (difuzare: 06.11.2019, durata: 00:40:43, regia: Vincent Misiano)
Voight pulls Darius in after Crawford asks Intelligence to investigate a dangerous drug, but there is little trust in the relationship. When their plan to nail a dealer goes awry and another CI is...

7.8. No Regrets (difuzare: 13.11.2019, durata: 00:40:58, regia: Mykelti Williamson)
After injuring herself while pursuing a suspect, Burgess receives a shocking diagnosis. A homicide case turns into a missing persons case, with a sinister twist. Voight has to decide between justice...

7.9. Absolution (difuzare: 20.11.2019, durata: 00:41:01, regia: Paul McCrane)
Halstead's secret ongoing relationship with a woman connected to another case puts him in jeopardy. Fall Finale.

7.10. Mercy (difuzare: 08.01.2020, durata: 00:41:04, regia: Olivia Newman)
As they await news of Halstead's fate, the team tries to focus on work, turning their attention to an illegal arms dealer. Atwater discovers his brother, Jordan, is back in Chicago and could be tied...

7.11. 43rd and Normal (difuzare: 15.01.2020, durata: 00:40:48, regia: Chad Saxton)
Ruzek and Burgess's secret begins to have severe implications for their police work. A series of deadly acts of vandalism causes tensions to run high in the insular neighborhood of Canaryville....

7.12. The Devil You Know (difuzare: 22.01.2020, durata: 00:41:05, regia: Eriq La Salle)
Voight makes a deal with Darius Walker to help bring down a rogue group of dirty cops dealing drugs that were supposed to be destroyed. Upton clashes with Voight and enacts her own form of justice.

7.13. I Was Here (difuzare: 05.02.2020, durata: 00:41:51, regia: Charles S. Carroll)
After receiving a distressing 911 call, Burgess enlists the team's help to track down a girl caught up in a sex-trafficking ring.

7.14. Center Mass (difuzare: 12.02.2020, durata: 00:41:02, regia: Lisa Demaine)
A homeless man's murder leads Intelligence to a criminal who has evaded capture for years. Rojas has a troubling experience with a young mentally ill man.

7.15. Burden of Truth (difuzare: 26.02.2020, durata: 00:41:56, regia: Eriq La Salle)
Intelligence searches for the dealer who caused multiple overdoses and is connected to Roman's missing sister. The case becomes a homicide investigation when they find the dealer's dead body.

7.16. Intimate Violence (difuzare: 04.03.2020, durata: 00:41:33, regia: Mykelti Williamson)
An armed robbery case quickly turns into a homicide investigation. When one suspect's background suggests domestic violence, Upton is forced to reckon with her childhood. Voight and Halstead butt...

7.17. Before the Fall (difuzare: 18.03.2020, durata: 00:41:58, regia: Nicole Rubio)
Voight enlists the help of a reformed gang member to get a key witness' testimony in a murder case. More lives are put on the line as a gang war brews.

7.18. Lines (difuzare: 25.03.2020, durata: 00:41:58, regia: Alex Chapple)
Intelligence does everything they can to build a case against the elusive leader of a drug ring, but things get complicated when Rojas realizes someone she cares about might be involved.

7.19. Buried Secrets (difuzare: 08.04.2020, durata: 00:41:18, regia: Paul McCrane)
The clock is on after Ruzek witnesses a woman's kidnapping and the team races to put the pieces together. Burgess tries to connect with Ruzek outside of work but he mysteriously distances himself from...

7.20. Silence of the Night (difuzare: 15.04.2020, durata: 00:41:59, regia: Eriq La Salle)
Atwater goes undercover to take down a gun-trafficking ring, but discovers an officer from his past is undercover in the same organization.